Grass Roots Democracy

grass roots democracy

Where the People Matter

Kenya is not the only country in the world where the ruling elites have been doing politics in ways that benefit only themselves whilst ignoring problems that don’t affect them. Whilst others grow rich on these policies, vital issues such as social justice, decent housing, basic education for all and an inclusive benefits and health system are not on their agenda.

The lack of grassroots democracy arises from political players stuck in the old ways of doing things. GCK believes that politics without the participation of all is no politics at all. This beautiful country is your country, the land is your land, its wealth is your wealth. Our Party will advocate for political inclusion at the grassroots where ordinary people will be able to fully participate in governance process.

GCK already has a network of local branches where our wonderful volunteers are reaching out to their local communities to spread the word for Green change.If you would like to know more or perhaps would like to volunteer in any way at with a committment of time based on what your life-style permits then please be in touch using the buttons below.

Achieving Grass Roots Democracy

GCK is committed to electoral reform that will culminate into Proportional Representation (PR) for parliamentary and county elections to ensure that every vote counts and that no one votes in vain.

  • GCK seeks to entrench participatory grassroots democracy in society through decision making from the lowest level to the highest level like family, homes, clan, polling station, ward, constituency, county and nationally.
  • GCK seeks to emphasise the principle of subsidiarity where the task of central government is to become involved in only problems which cannot be solved at a local level.
  • GCK seeks to turn ordinary people into shapers of their own destiny by encouraging them to control their lives and livelihoods .
  • Participatory grassroots democracy at community levels is a means of empowerment, of grasping their tools of political action, of group discipline, of economic and social will.
  • Communities should consciously determine their leaders through elections without undue influence from outside and hold them accountable to their electorates.

Honourable Martin Ogindo.

Party Leader   |   Green Congress Party of Kenya.