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GCK Promise to Young People

GCK wants to build a better, positive and more prosperous future for everyone, particularly young people. We recognise that the future belongs to today’s youth and including young people in our action and decision making is about ensuring a bright future for Kenya.

The future with GCK is safer, happier, more secure, more equal and even more sustainable. Our promise to young people is to invest in education and opportunities, to protect the environment, to increase access to justice and opportunities for employment and to build a strong economy.

Our Youth Policies and Promise

  1. GCK believes that our economy should be innovative, collaborative, forward facing and benefit communities and the environment
  2. We are prioritising engagement and training by organising youth-centered workshops to highlight how public participation is feasible at all levels, from the grassroots to the national level. We will facilitate training for youth on how to self-organise and turn your ideas into actionable proposals
  3. We will increase access to information about current, existing youth participation opportunities. This will be achieved by advertising meetings – their agenda and actors – across social media and public forums, using language accessible to young people, and developing a youth-centered communication strategy for government policies and initiatives
  4. We will grant youth more responsibility over budgets and policies by providing youth-led spaces for them to mobilise their peers and bring together their ideas  We will directly allocate budgets and advocate for and design policies with young people
  5. We will create a fairer working environment for young people by scrapping age-related minimum qualifications for young professionals for consideration in government appointments
  6. We will protect opportunities for young people in work and education by relieving students of the burden of debt, reducing the tuition fees by 50% and introducing living grants for young people pursuing higher education. We will guarantee the rights of young people to study by making HELB a grant
  7. We will enable every young person to take an active role in democracy, introducing non-biased political education and promoting active citizenship
  8. We will improve young people’s access to basic but vital health needs, by providing more funding for sexual health awareness campaigns, access to health insurance and provide greater access to free condoms and sexual health clinics. We will remove VAT from sanitary products and ensure that they are provided free of charge to those in extreme financial need especially in the marginalized areas


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