Social Justice

school children with young trees

What comes to your mind when you think about green lush fields? Do you feel life, peace, wealth, sustenance, or all of these and more?

Green is a colour of hope, continuous provision and inner fulfilment also felt as peaceful contentment. At Green Congress of Kenya (GCK), we believe that every Kenyan, young or old; weak or strong; men and women; rich or poor; is entitled to these attributes of Green! We are all entitled to sufficient provision, peace and hope.

GCK believes that every Kenyan, must be free from fear; free from want; and his/her dignity upheld at all times. We call these, the IRREDUCIBLE elements of Human Security…

Human Security, breeds HARMONY. We believe that all Kenyans must live in an environment of peace, wealth and respect for human Rights & Dignity, all of which breed harmony!

No Kenyan should live in Fear; No Kenyan should lack Food, Shelter, Water, Healthcare, Education and least of all, a safe, secure and healthy environment; No Kenyan should live in an undignified manner.  Every Kenyan deserves to be treated with Respect and in a manner that at all times Upholds their Rights and Dignity as Human Beings.

Unfortunately, corruption and bad governance have continued to undermine our Human Security! The average Kenyan lives in fear of the Police, more than criminals and disease. The average Kenyan does not have a sustainable source of income and is constantly faced with hunger, lack of clean water, poor medical services and a polluted environment. The average Kenyan is faced with debt, lack of employment, poor housing, evictions, stigma for suffering certain illnesses and discrimination based on their gender, tribe and physical abilities.

GCK is stepping up to take intentional action to rectify these ills. We cannot just sit back and complain. We must all pull together and act to ensure that all citizens are human secure, regardless of their age, tribe, gender, religion or even physical ability.

Everyone must be and feel safe! Everyone must be able to access basic needs and services at all levels. No place is too far or low to access quality services from the government! Everyone must live and be treated in a manner that leaves their dignity intact! Everyone deserves a clean and productive environment! No one is a lesser human being for whatever reason.

Join GCK in this journey and help us make Kenya safer, more productive and a place where citizens are proud to belong!