Our Guiding Principals

Our Guiding Principles

The Party is guided by the following principles:-

  • Ecological Wisdom
  • Social Justice
  • Participatory Democracy
  • Non-Violence
  • Sustainability
  • Respect for Diversity

The party therefore undertakes:-

  • To respect, uphold and defend this constitution, the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Political Parties Act and any other written law relating to elections and political parties, political party election and nomination rules, and any other rules and regulations developed and agreed upon in accordance with any code of conduct in force;
  • To respect, uphold and promote human dignity, equity, social justice, inclusiveness and non-discrimination and protection of the marginalized, human rights and the rule of law, national patriotism and national unity, Democratic values and principles, inclusive participation of party members and accountable representation in governance for the sustainable development of the country, good governance, integrity, respect, tolerance, transparency and accountability,
  • To promote cooperation in the political competition, sharing and devolution of power and resources,
  • To respect, uphold and promote democratic practices through free, fair and credible political party nominations, leadership and integrity as prescribed in the constitution of Kenya; and transparency and accountability in all its legislation and regulations, structures, procedures and performance;
  • To promote free competition among political parties in respect of different political views and principles;
  • To foster trust and confidence through mechanisms for co-operation, manage and mitigate political differences through constructive dialogue enhancing harmony among the parties; and promote national reconciliation and building national unity;
  • To promote and pursue policy alternatives responding to the interests, the concerns and the needs of the citizens of Kenya, respect and uphold the democratic process in pursuit of political power so as to implement its policies;
  • To promote consensus building in policy decision making on issues of national importance,
  • To respect the right of all persons to participate in the political process
  • To promote effective participation of the youth, minorities and marginalized groups;
  • To respect and promote gender equity and equality, human rights and fundamental freedoms, tolerance and inclusivity in all its political activities.
  • To pursue peaceful means in promoting national reconciliation and quest for political power;
  • To practice zero tolerance to corruption by fighting influence peddling, bribery or any other form of corruption;
  • To not misuse public resources other than those allocated to it through the political party fund;
  • To avoid hatred that constitutes ethnic incitement, vilification of others or incitement to cause harm;
  • To not obstruct, disrupt, break-up or in any other way whatsoever interfere with a meeting, rally or demonstration of another political party or its leadership;
  • To not establish or maintain a para-military force, militia or similar organisation or having any links with such organizations;
  • To not use state resources for partisan campaigns.