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Women and GCK

Improving opportunities for women is at the heart of GCK’s plan for an fair and equal society; one that honours and respects all its members irrespective of their gender.

  1. GCK advocates for equal pay for the same job for everyone irrespective of their gender
  2. GCK will ensure that women’s rights are protected as per the constitution
  3. GCK will ensure women are in the mainstream of Party structures

GCK promises to the women of Kenya:

  • Create safe spaces for women and girls, so they can live free from gender-based violence
  • Increase women’s access to credit facilities, SACCOs and market opportunities
  • Increase the participation of women in decision and policymaking at all levels
  • Ensure women’s participation in peace building, conflict prevention, and mitigation
  • Narrow gender gaps in education, training, and employment
  • Support more women to contest political seats by mentoring and training them on campaign strategy, fundraising


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