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Green parties worldwide launch joint proposals on climate change

gplTwo days before the Climate Summit in Paris, 40 presidents of Green parties from all continents launch a powerful call for action. With a joint statement to ‘keep it below 2°C’ (the IPCC target for limiting climate change) and one concrete and workable proposal per green party, the presidents want to put the climate summit and its challenges in the spotlight.

They declare in a joint statement the following: “The COP 21 summit in Paris has to be remembered as the summit where policy makers finally took real action. Following the lead of numerous citizens, NGOs and businesses that already took the challenge of climate change to heart, and are acting in numerous ways, it’s now up to political leaders to seize their historical responsibilities. Our proposals are painstakingly accomplishable, and the time for making excuses is over.” If global warming rises above 2°C, climate change will no longer be manageable.

According to the green party presidents the challenges are vast, but plentiful solutions are already at hand. Therefore, they each launch a single proposal in their country. There are a whole range of options, from divestment to mitigation. Depending on the characteristics of each country (location, demographics, geography but also its historical climate debt), the answers differ.